Continuing Professional Development



  • Near-completion of first year – Bachelor of Nursing at University of Western Sydney – Full time.
  • Transfer to Bachelor of Nursing (advanced). Plan; keep GPA above 5.5 to be eligible for transfer.
  • Completion of Clinical Placement, 2 weeks at St George Hospital, pediatric ward.
  • First Aid Certificate: Perform CPR and provide basic emergency life Support (Level 1). Expires in 2016.
  • Completion of Hand Hygiene Australian Certificate.
  • Completion of the corporation orientation non-employee certificate, for South East Sydney Health Local District.
  • Undergoing completion of the Mental Health First Aid Certificate.
  • Member of the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association (associate member), subscription to the monthly magazine; The Lamp: up-to-date information for nursing issues.

Summer holiday plans

  • Join local toastmaster club, the ability to speak within group/ audience is important skill for nurses.
  • Since I have started university I have identified a weakness; essay writing, I plan to attend summer academic skills workshops held by the university.



  • Full time study; Bachelor of Nursing (advanced) at University of Western Sydney. Plan; to be eligible for advanced nursing 2015 I must keep my GPA above 5.5, the attributes of a good student include the ability to think critically and keep motivated. Keeping a positive life balance is important and this is possible with strong organizational skills.
  • Attended UWS workshops including: maths, literacy/academic writing, clinical and communication workshops. Plan: check emails regularly and strategically plan for upcoming workshops (via using diary-organizational skills).



  • Full-time study – Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced) at University of Western Sydney (Graduate in November).
  • Apply for NSW Health nursing graduate nursing position for 2016, Plan: research the application process, reflect on strengths and weaknesses on each clinical placement and practice interviewing skills.